Festival Angels Leeds

Festival Angels are now a regular feature at the Leeds Festival held over August Bank Holiday weekend at Bramham Park.

Since 2011 we have aimed to offer a safe place Christian presence and safe people around the site the volunteer Festival Angels are on hand to help you have a safe and enjoyable Leeds Festival experience. Running the Lost Property tent, the Prayer Cafe and wandering round the massive site the Festival Angels will be around from Wednesday afternoon through to Monday morning.
Jesus Loves Festivals! Want to know more search for the iTruth app in the App / Play / Kindle Store - loads of videos and stuff to help you find out more about the real Jesus. You can also pick up a free Jesus Loves Festivals book of the Bible from the Prayer Cafe at Leeds Fest...

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@gracewoood Aug 24, 19:13

@_georgehorner @Dulciemaaayy @RevJimLaw @FestivalAngels no like £5 for a flask and then you get free tea all weekend and biscuits

@FestivalAngels Aug 24, 19:08

#LeedsFest £5 mug deal - free refills all festival! https://t.co/lzq1ocsbH2

@FestivalAngels Aug 24, 18:54

Lost Property team https://t.co/d0qdTz2R99

@FestivalAngels Aug 24, 18:35

Team resting after walking 8.5miles on detached in 4 hours! https://t.co/m2ac2RC6bl

@RevJimLaw Aug 24, 14:25

Is took 6 hours but the @FestivalAngels tent is now ready!! #OfficialRandL #leedsfest https://t.co/TqAhxs1fDR

@FestivalAngels Aug 24, 14:23

#HotChocolate sales have started here #LeedsFest an essential contribution to #RandL16 https://t.co/SJpKdluqN2

@FestivalAngels Aug 24, 14:20

First sale of the #leedsfestival https://t.co/bwCKqh4FgQ

@FestivalAngels Aug 24, 13:27

First group helped for detached team #JesusLovesFestivals https://t.co/uxjjrzHVTN

@RevJimLaw Aug 24, 13:26

Getting ready for @LeedsFest16 at @FestivalAngels cafe!! Come and say hi #leedsfest https://t.co/jnGsQJZWG4

@FestivalAngels Aug 24, 08:42

Hi to all on way to #LeedsFest -we are setting up our cafe & have 3000 £5 mugs which gets you free tea and coffee all weekend! Traders Alley

@FestivalAngels Aug 24, 08:41

#FestPrayer for @greenbelt which is also happening this weekend!

@FestivalAngels Aug 24, 08:25

Beautiful morning @BramhamPark @OfficialRandL Brewing up ready for #LeedsFestival #earlybirds later today! #RandL16 https://t.co/qDmnTJSVsg

@FestivalAngels Aug 23, 17:33

Busy getting the prayer cafe ready... #JesusLovesFestivals https://t.co/NZ3krcsdqt

@FestivalAngels Aug 23, 09:38

#FestPrayer SUNSHINE in Leeds - pray it us here for at least a week!

@FestivalAngels Aug 22, 15:24

£5 mug deal at #LeedsFest - find our cafe in traders alley, buy a mug, free tea & coffee till Monday! #GreatDeal #JesusLovesFestivals

@FestivalAngels Aug 22, 10:57

Not enjoying this rain - c'mon sunshine, get the ground dried out for the 85,000 campers at #LeedsFest

@PeopleofLeeds Aug 21, 20:37

This week I'll be rehearsing lots, walking a bit (rain permitting!), playing Bridge & volunteering @LeedsFest16 with @FestivalAngels. Phew!

@revraych Aug 21, 11:06

6000 cups of water so far. Cheers Katelyn and Amy #amyelizabeth1xx #vfest #lichfielddiocese #festprayer https://t.co/hS24C2QYqc

@FestivalAngels Aug 21, 11:05

Hello to all the lovely people at V Chelmsford - some pics from the God Tent on the book of face... https://t.co/Yzf2hMqntI

@FestivalAngels Aug 20, 13:47

Deal of @OfficialRandL (Leeds) - buy a mug for £5 with unlimited tea, coffee & hot water for the whole festival! See u in traders alley!

@RosanneWilshire Aug 20, 07:53

@Lichfield_CofE Festival Pastors out in sunshine and in showers (or torrential downpours!) https://t.co/Ybgsbkl15L

@OfficialRandL Aug 20, 07:53

.@WeetabixOnTheGo'll be delivering brekky in a bottle to tents next weekend! Because you've got other priorities. https://t.co/CYVqanksTI

@FestivalAngels Aug 19, 21:17

@WeetabixOnTheGo don't forget to bring some to our tent - sure we can offer free tea & coffee in return - prayer cafe on traders alley!

@bandsftbrodie Aug 19, 21:04

Praying that @FestivalAngels are at Leeds again👼🏼❤️

@FestivalAngels Aug 19, 21:03

@bandsftbrodie we are! £5 mug deal is on with unlimited t & coffee - also detached teams & lost property - see you there!

@RosanneWilshire Aug 19, 21:02

And finally the sun shines @vfestival ! Whoohoo!! @FestivalAngels https://t.co/Kz96Bzpq2h

@FestivalAngels Aug 19, 09:47

Hello to the lovely people at #VFestPastors #JesusLovesFestivals https://t.co/OYipwnJC4m

A video about our work from Leeds Festival 2013

Leeds Met student TV Yorkshire Voice interview Paul Blakey about Festival Angels