Festival Angels Leeds

Festival Angels are now a regular feature at the Leeds Festival held over August Bank Holiday weekend at Bramham Park.

Since 2011 we have aimed to offer a safe place Christian presence and safe people around the site the volunteer Festival Angels are on hand to help you have a safe and enjoyable Leeds Festival experience. Running the Lost Property tent, the Prayer Cafe and wandering round the massive site the Festival Angels will be around from Wednesday afternoon through to Monday morning.
Jesus Loves Festivals! Want to know more search for the iTruth app in the App / Play / Kindle Store - loads of videos and stuff to help you find out more about the real Jesus. You can also pick up a free Jesus Loves Festivals book of the Bible from the Prayer Cafe at Leeds Fest...

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@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 22:46

Wet wet wet is the only way to describe tonight... #FestPrayer 4 those with wet tents & clothes! :-( https://t.co/8t0evBHu55

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 21:29

Thankyou for #FestPrayer support and prayers @StMaryBostonSpa @DioceseOfYork @247prayer for us here at #LeedsFest https://t.co/jC6U3EbR5V

@StMaryBostonSpa Aug 27, 21:24

Local churches are supporting @FestivalAngels #LeedsFest this week/weekend. Look out for #FestPrayer - https://t.co/80TJS9cQgX - #PleasePray

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 21:18

@OurCofE #PleasePray for us at #LeedsFest - we're in need of shelter from the rain ready for a warm brew...

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 21:13

#FestPrayer #PleasePray for all here at #LeedsFest - #PrayerCafe are serving teas, coffee, hot chocolate thro night https://t.co/IkKLR2OmzZ

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 18:07

Father Philip will be here at #PrayerCafe Sunday afternoon #FestPrayer https://t.co/Q5Z47A49ry

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 17:00

3100 mugs sold - free tea, coffee, hot water 4 all of them till Mon! Missed out - u can still buy by the cup!!! https://t.co/vViPhEBMii

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 16:58

https://t.co/CH5CKDQTuJ - #LeedsFestAngels serving, living, helping 85000 mainly young ppl this w/end - invite to @JustinWelby next yr?

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 16:02

Detached team this afternoon! #JesusLovesFestival https://t.co/zDVDNgnHt7

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 14:14

Our volunteers in the #LeedsFest spirit! https://t.co/j0fabzrnGL

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 14:12

Little bit muddy and now it is raining #LeedsFest https://t.co/GivRKGJ4aQ

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 14:10

Tomorrow #MonkSelfie in the prayer cafe! https://t.co/vwMvtoP5Yq

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 12:34

@StArnolds thanks!!

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 12:31

The last mug sold to this guy!! Look how happy he looks #leedsfestival #prayercafe https://t.co/vRuv9PEQTY

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 12:30

@StArnolds over 3,000!!

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 11:32

The final 8 mugs soon to be sold at the #prayertent #leedsfestival https://t.co/SormZeAbNv

@CAMCLeeds Aug 27, 10:13

Busy time @FestivalAngels Prayer Tent #leedsfest https://t.co/CLAh27jlTv

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 10:12

@ktdbsn will keep an eye out 4 it - we had a 6foot x 4foot banner stolen last year! Became his Facebook pic 4 a while!!!

@FestivalAngels Aug 27, 07:29

Cold night but the sun is out at @OfficialRandL #LeedsFest - tea, coffee, hot water all weekend 4 £5 in the prayer cafe on traders alley

@StArnolds Aug 27, 07:28

@bbclooknorth @FestivalAngels are doing their thing again this year. Awesome volunteers committed to helping everyone have a good time

@johnnyianson Aug 27, 07:28

Top work by the festival Angels - mugs, mud and rock and roll!!! @FestivalAngels @BBCLeeds https://t.co/sesvgw07QZ

@SALeedsFest Aug 27, 06:00

The sun rises over a misty, dramatic #leedsfest - here's the view from the #bigredvan. Tired volunteers out of shot! https://t.co/MiWgpdI7Xr

@FestivalAngels Aug 26, 22:51

Great night at the prayer cafe #leedsfest https://t.co/vs4CsH5IjN

@FestivalAngels Aug 26, 21:36

Night comes to #LeedsFest - cafe & lost property still open, detached teams still out #JesusLovesFestivals https://t.co/fB6MKPVCnO

@FestivalAngels Aug 26, 13:43

Great to chat to @johnnyianson from @BBCLeeds about our work at #LeedsFest https://t.co/rbcfFkELG8

@FestivalAngels Aug 26, 09:24

1 of over 50 happy bunnies at #LeedsFest reunited with phones, passports, wallets, car keys via Lost Property https://t.co/1hCfBeHnM6

@FestivalAngels Aug 25, 21:00

Detached team wishing they were on lost property, cafe or anything indoors! #LeedsFestRain https://t.co/ZH05tguD61

A video about our work from Leeds Festival 2013

Leeds Met student TV Yorkshire Voice interview Paul Blakey about Festival Angels