Festival Angels Leeds

Festival Angels are now a regular feature at the Leeds Festival held over August Bank Holiday weekend at Bramham Park.

Since 2011 we have aimed to offer a safe place Christian presence and safe people around the site the volunteer Festival Angels are on hand to help you have a safe and enjoyable Leeds Festival experience. Running the Lost Property tent, the Prayer Cafe and wandering round the massive site the Festival Angels will be around from Wednesday afternoon through to Monday morning.
Jesus Loves Festivals! Want to know more search for the iTruth app in the App / Play / Kindle Store - loads of videos and stuff to help you find out more about the real Jesus. You can also pick up a free Jesus Loves Festivals book of the Bible from the Prayer Cafe at Leeds Fest...

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@cninet Feb 25, 13:00

#MakeCityStreetsLikeNewAgain - join us in praying for CNI, local projects, the night economy of yr community, thoseโ€ฆ https://t.co/IZT8I2Ld5C

@FestivalAngels Jan 26, 14:22

@colincjwalker we did!!?

@wef Jan 20, 10:17

Money controls our lives. It's time to rethink our relationship with the almighty dollar @JustinWelbyโ€ฆ https://t.co/YQssA1Pp1l

@cninet Dec 31, 20:41

#HAPPYNEWYEAR from CNI Network... https://t.co/GH731DQBoV

@FestivalAngels Dec 15, 19:16

Great to meet John from Festival Republic today looking at music festivals across UK with V Festival Staffordshireโ€ฆ https://t.co/ZbnOoShMzs

@FestivalAngels Dec 05, 14:12

Honouring & thanking all Festival Angel volunteers who have served @OfficialRandL since 2011 - #InternationalVolunteerDay

@AngelsBoscombe Oct 08, 18:33

Team are preparing to be out from 9 tonight. A practical, caring Christian presence each week in Boscombe.

@SalisburyPastor Oct 08, 18:32

Praying for all Street Pastors, Street Angels & the wonderful emergency services keeping revellers safe tonight, god bless @SalisburyPastor

@cninet Sep 21, 15:19

What a great idea to donate yr #FirstFiver to charity - please consider CNI or local #StreetAngels for yours! https://t.co/lL7mPCDD96

@chicityangels Sep 15, 13:27

Many similar projects to City Angels exist around the world, some muddier than others, inc. Leeds @FestivalAngels ! https://t.co/zfl0TDDtyr

@FestivalAngels Sep 14, 13:43

Pleasure :-) https://t.co/mlkhnhm2BI

@FestivalAngels Aug 30, 17:35

Glad we could help :-) All volunteers who try our best!!! https://t.co/d5DgpQNaTT

@FestivalAngels Aug 29, 21:43

@taryncroot @SpottedLeeds @_naathn how could u miss the best deal on the festival site???? :-(

@FestivalAngels Aug 29, 20:53

@rosie_mae_pin visit https://t.co/9FEZrxqtu6 please to log it - that way we can easily trace if it has! :-)

@FestivalAngels Aug 29, 19:10

Love this picture of our Detached Team #LeedsFest https://t.co/3FGG9na0km

@FestivalAngels Aug 29, 18:31

Great to hear!!!! https://t.co/6T6BW8DINm

@FestivalAngels Aug 29, 14:21

Leeds Station at 10am! #LeedsFest https://t.co/I9KLDXHWYj

@FestivalAngels Aug 29, 14:20

A bit less muddy now #LeedsFest https://t.co/1zryOaf2Qi

@FestivalAngels Aug 29, 14:19

Collecting left deck chairs for next year... #LeedsFest https://t.co/MDkMiE0z4m

@RevJimLaw Aug 29, 12:36

The changing view from the prayer cafe tent this week #leedsfestival https://t.co/oQZBybFXGM https://t.co/GuYANOiK2Y

@Jessyka_Rose92 Aug 29, 00:45

@FestivalAngels you literally are angels!!! Special thanks to Tony ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘ #detectiveangels โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

@FestivalAngels Aug 28, 21:25

@Street_Angels great to have a fantastic team of over 30 volunteers from York at #LeedsFest

@FestivalAngels Aug 28, 21:22

@Jessyka_Rose92 sorted your purse will b on its way to u later in the week!!! #DetectiveAngels

@FestivalAngels Aug 28, 21:11

Congratulations to this lovely couple who just proposed in the mud by Lost Property - she said yes!!!! #LoveHearts https://t.co/oAmysPH1i6

@FestivalAngels Aug 28, 15:30

Jumping for joy at #LeedsFest!!! https://t.co/k8TQAH3DR5

@FestivalAngels Aug 28, 14:41

#MeetTheMonk #FestPrayer thinking differently, living life to the full here at #LeedsFest #LeedsFestival #RandL2016 https://t.co/yEek5JRRcl

@FestivalAngels Aug 28, 13:58

Our thoughts & prayers with the young man & family & friends who has died at Leeds - very sad

@FestivalAngels Aug 28, 13:54

#MonkSelfie in the prayer cafe... https://t.co/l6ntiiOAW2

@FestivalAngels Aug 28, 11:36

Festival getting to the local vicar!!! https://t.co/ZjcpURMBqh

A video about our work from Leeds Festival 2013

Leeds Met student TV Yorkshire Voice interview Paul Blakey about Festival Angels